Welcome to yoga

Atha Yoga anusasasum means ‘now for the teachings of Yoga’. Now is the time to learn the many principles and practices of Yoga. AthaYoga offers yoga classes based on traditional disciplines of Hatha Yoga, Ayurvedic philosophy and Vijnana Yoga.

By learning to cultivate these yogic disciplines, advancement in numerous physical, psychological and spiritual benefits are possible.

These three disciplines combine to form a formidable trio in the exploration of yoga. In learning to cultivate a practice of deep inner listening, observing and directing the breath, we direct our awareness at will. As we deepen our understanding, we become skillful in our practice on the mat, which seeps into our daily awareness of the movements in mind and body – a shift happens – our awareness changes.

Yoga in Heemstede & Haarlem

Private and group lessons are taught in English at two easy accessible locations in Heemstede (5 minute walk from train station) and in the heart of Haarlem (near Frans Hals Museum).